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We don’t make rugs, we make characters.

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Tinted is a brand that views home furnishing as fashion for your home. We want to style your home with influences from the catwalk, transformed into wearables for your home. The duo behind Tinted met in the fashion world 20 years ago. After two decades of experience in design and textiles they decided to direct their knowledge and passion towards interior design.

As the pair shared a keen interest in beautiful things, compelling spaces and durable as well as luxurious fabrics, they decided to join forces in championing home objects - not as mere accessories but as characters to inhabit a home along with its owner. The aim is to create chic and timeless objects to provide contemporary fashion for your living quarters. 

Dress up your home - get Tinted.

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Founder, Karin Westas Norlander
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Founder, Monika Mellin

Tinted was founded largely on our belief in products that last for a lifetime – at least. Our focus is on creating pieces that aren’t just pretty faces, but made from absolute premium materials. We want for our products to age gracefully, and in time achieve that coveted soulful lived-in look. That is only one of the reasons to why we select our materials so carefully and always design with timelessness in mind. Another is the state of our planet. Yet another is that deeply satisfying feeling of making a sensible choice that also happens to significantly beautify the world around you. That’s what getting Tinted means to us.

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Mellin Hand Tufted Viscose Rug
Kask Hand Tufted Wool Rug